ImpactWeather Meteorologist in Operations Room of Weather DepartmentImpactWeather, a StormGeo Company, is the full-time weather department for hundreds of companies around the globe, empowering them to make the smartest business decisions possible when faced with weather-related challenges. As a result of our services, our clients can better protect their people, their assets and their bottom line. We enable our retail, banking and hospitality clients to be the last to close and first to open; our manufacturing clients to manage their supply chain and business continuity; our petrochemical clients to ensure operational stability and personnel safety; and our healthcare clients to maximize efficient care delivery before, during and after severe weather events.

Twenty-four hour support is custom-configured for each client, including instant access to an army of highly specialized meteorologists who understand each client’s unique needs. As a StormGeo company, ImpactWeather has access to the best meteorological data in the industry.